This Tuesday's May 19 primary election involves a critical race for our West Chester Area School District school board. 

If you don't normally vote in a primary, please reconsider this year!  This election will determine which school board candidates get on the fall ballot. This IS the most important school board vote you can make this year. 

Why is this so important? A slate of 4 candidates (Adsett, Carpenter, Pimley, Wingerter) is running with an agenda they're not telling us about. Here's what you need to know: 

1-The candidates represent an extreme social ideology that has no place in public education. Here is what current WCASD Board Chair Jim Smith has to say about them: 

"A small group of radicals has taken control of a party I dearly love," said Smith, a Republican. "West Chester's schools provide excellent education, and we have the lowest tax rate in the county. These qualities need to be maintained."

2-This group wants to bring their social views--including views on abortion, creationism, and religion--into government. This would distract from the very real educational issues our schools face. What's more, public education is for every child of every social and religious background.

3-These candidates are supported by interests that have a radical fiscal view of 'zero taxes' and 'no government', and political supporters have asked them to deny all raises to teachers and deny all facilities improvements. 

For anyone who has children in the district, please consider the real agenda of the current school board candidates and cast your vote FOR the following 4 candidates on May 19th:

Susan Carty

Deb Liczwek
Lisa Samuel
Sue Tiernan 

Carty, Liczwek, Samuel and Tiernan are moderate by any reasonable person's calculation and do not bring a radical ideology to the school board table, on either end of the spectrum. For more information about these candidates , please see:

VOTE MAY 19TH FOR: Carty, Liczwek, Samuel & Tiernan

Click here for a sample ballot:

School Board Candidate, Sean Carpenter, shown here in two photos. Left photo: top row, 3rd from right in grey sweatshirt.